DayOne online induction features 

  • Easy access to training - no passwords or PC skills required.

  • Be legally confident that all your staff are being inducted to one standard no matter how geographically diverse their workplace.

  • Massive reduction in the cost of managing and implementing face-to-face induction programmes

  • Multi-media including text, images, and streamed video for enhanced message delivery.

  • Detailed tracking, assessment, and reporting tools give HR managers information on individual induction comprehension.

  • New starters can re-visit all lesson content after the induction has been completed.

  • Custom inductions to suit your diverse roles, and the learning styles of your staff.

  • We can upload your essential documents, including: Word Docs, PDFs, PPT presentations, Maps, Videos, and Intranet links.
 Advanced Learning Process

  • read the text 

  • view the video 

  • think about how the lesson topics apply to you

  • take the pre-assesment quiz (one for each lesson)

  • take the final assessment - that becomes the permanent record of the induction
What is your Guarantee?
      If you don't believe this is the most simple and effective way to induct your valuable new starters
      DayOne will refund all the money you have paid - no fine print!