What can online induction and training course can DayOne provide?
Any course that is currently delivered face to face, trainer lead, and/or paper based can be built from scratch or converted to online. DayOne build the following courses:
  • Safety
  • Culture
  • Process
  • Procedures
  • Office and Admin.
  • Warehouse and Stock
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Adventure and Recreation
  • Manufacture and Industrial
  • Any and all employment categories

Online learning means your training message is greatly enhanced with multi-media, and assessment data capture.
  • Streaming high-impact slide-show videos that use imagery, plain English text, and music.
  • Portal link pages to staff training data, downloadable forms/documents, and training alerts.
  • Assessments with detailed reports emailed automatically to H&S management. 
  • We can make demonstration videos custom to your needs.
  • Interactive features to engage learners.

Printed documents are a non-interactive, mono media - new starters only have the option to read text. There is no mechanism for motivated learning, or to test the learning through a quiz or assessment.

Our Branch Managers like inducting new starters - they have their own way of doing it.
Branch Managers will always play a vital role in training staff. 
But an online induction is virtually the only method where HR managers can be assured one benchmark corporate training message is being delivered to every single new starter.

Other benefits include:
  • All training assessment results data are digitally captured - no more lost/incomplete documents.
  • Online training will free-up key staff for improved productivity - yet local/site level orientation is still vital.
  • Virtually no other system will train ALL your people, in one action, with total consistency and results data capture.
  • No matter how good the trainer, only DayOne online training (with multi-media) can capture learning attention to this level.
  • Because of the easy access of online learning (on either PC or Mobile Phone) contractors and visitors can be inducted BEFORE they enter your site.    

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What software will HR and training staff need to learn?
The simple answer is: None! The DayOne system is 100% outsourced, automated, and hosted.

Once you provide us your paper-based course, we go to work to build your new online induction. If you have no course, DayOne will work with you to build from scratch.

For large, multi-site organisations, DayOne can send your online induction to each person you need trained. We can track who has commenced training and results are automatically forwarded to H&S managers.

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Our branches don't have the computers or space for new starters to complete online inductions.
The beauty of an online induction is that new starters complete the induction at home or on any smart phone before they start work. They arrive on day one already inducted and ready to work. 

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Not everyone has broadband at home.
If your new starters do not have broadband at home they can access their induction from:
  • smart phone
  • the local library
  • a friend's computer
  • a family member's computer
  • or in your branch office

For the small percentage of people who cannot access an online computer - you may need to use the paper induction. 

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Some of my new starters are not computer literate.
If you can use Facebook, Google, or Youtube you can complete a DayOne induction. In the case of very low computer literacy, the hardcopy of the induction is downloadable by H&S managers.

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How do we invite new starters to complete their inductions?
The new starters you enter into the system are sent and auto-generated email. They will receive their invitation to commence the induction that evening at 6.PM. The email will look like this:
How are changes to your DayOne online induction made?
The DayOne performs any changes you need. Simply send us your change/correction request.

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How will we know which new starters have completed their induction?
You will receive an induction assessment report from every inductee who completes the induction. This is you permanent record the new starter is inducted. DayOne will hold a back-up copy for safety.

The report will look like this: 
What if the system breaks down?
The DayOne system is a construct of the following programmes.
They are used by thousands of web developers globally, and each was chosen for its quality, ease of use, reliability and robust capacity.